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Welcome to Waslerr Fields, where we masterfully tap into the boundless, cosmic currents of ethereal healing energy, catapulting your very existence into a stratosphere of unparalleled transformation. Our channel crafts breathtaking audio energy fields, brimming with the celestial dance of healing energies. Expect not only an elevation of mind, body, and spirit but also personality and physical changes that will leave you in awe. Embrace the full spectrum of enlightenment and spiritual awakening as you embark on this intergalactic odyssey with us. Prepare to witness the universe-altering magic as we collectively amplify our vibrations, unlocking the extraordinariness that lies dormant within.

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V4 Life Enhancement File

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CMD ( Creator-Modifier-Destructor) field


Agya Chakra

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Lust and Libido


karmic Lord Saturn

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V4 Booster And Manifestor

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Skin Field


Cluster Freedom Akashic Field

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Consciousness Field

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